Selected Hawaii's Adult School Instructor for the Year 1998

Thida Robertin retired as a respected Thai Culinary Arts
Instructor for Kaimuki Community Adult School, Honolulu.
Hawaii after 13 years.
She has received recognition from the Hawaii Senate and House. She placed first during the International Chefs exibition held in Honolulu, Hawaii 1995.
Her recipes are tried and tested in her kitchen before they are written up for the class. Thida's recipes are traditional and have not been changed to fit American taste. She now resides in Mesquite, Nevada where she continues to fine tune the art of Thai Cuisine.
Thida was recognized by the View on Mesquite magazine for her culinary excellent. More recently she has prepared and cooked a Thai meal and served 150 Elk lodge convention members in 2011, 2012 and 2013.
Thida Robertin,
Bamboo Salad

1 c. bamboo shouts (shredded)
3 ea. cloves garlic (cook and finely chop)
3 tbsp. onion (cook and finely chop)
3 tbsp. roasted rice powder
2 tbsp. lemon juice
3 tbsp. fish sauce
20 ea. leaves mint
3 tbsp. green onion (cut into 1/4" sizes)
3 tbsp. Chinese parsley (cut into 1/4" sizes)
¼ tbsp. chili pepper powder
¼ ea. head of cabbage or Chinese cabbage(for serving)
2 tbsp. roasted sesame seed
Cook the bamboo, for a few minutes and drain water. Add the
rest of the ingredients and mix well. Serve with cabbage (used to
wrap and eat with). Serves 4.